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Anja Coyne studied visual communication and graphic design at the college of higher education in Dortmund and Düsseldorf.

She won the Art Directors' Club of Germany and the Type Directors' Club of New York awards for her projects. After gaining work experience in various local companies she moved to Ireland in 1999 and works now as freelance designer from her studio in Avoca.

Anja has been successful in Graphic Design for 15 plus years. Her approach is simple and effective. She analyses, creates and adopts a strategic process to all clients. This ensures that she has a solid foundation on which to build durable and award winning design solutions.

Major cosmetics, food, fashion, electronics and financial clients have reaped the benefits of Anja's talents including Concept Development, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Design Strategy, Brand and Corporate Identity, Typography, Editorial Design, Web Design, Illustration and Print Production.