Anja Coyne Heineken Promotional Items
Client: Heineken

Product: Murphy's Irish Red Beer

Objective: Concept and design of a promotional POS campaign for Murphy's Irish Red Beer as topic for Diploma thesis.

The idea: Simply give a name like HayfeverhellfinallyoverandbeautifulweatherenjoyDAY to this special festivity, write it on a postcard and with a bit of luck you may win a party for yourself and 15 of you friends.

The solution: Anja developed a promotional campaign and applied it to various media (Cinema advertising (Animation), radio advertising, posters, postcards and banner ads with the delicious Murphy's Irish Red Beer as key motif - focus on red and on the creamy head).

Result: After attaining an A for her Diploma thesis Anja went on to successfully sell the concept to Heineken - Murphy's Brewery. The campaign was printed and distributed all across Germany.

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